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Hello !




Digital consultant and project manager
Founder Kipwak Studio & Edazot
Senior developer Unity C#
photo portrait of Guillaume Mezino

+41 77 509 03 35

Le Bouveret, Switzerland

Hello !




Digital consultant and project manager
Web development manager
Senior developer Unity C#
photo portrait of Guillaume Mezino

+41 77 509 03 35

Le Bouveret, Switzerland

About us

Business owner in Switzerland

Don’t wait for someone to manage your online image at your expense. Take the lead.

Originally from Reunion Island, I studied and worked in Australia before moving to Switzerland. Entrepreneurial, reliable and dedicated, I’m always up for new professional adventures! I have a good analytical mind and I know how to be proactive.

Find out more about me and what can I bring to your projects!


Founder and CEO

Edazot S.A.

06/2023 – Present

  • As founder and CEO of a dynamic and diversified technology company, I lead a team passionate about digital innovation and technology. Our company offers a wide range of services, from digital marketing and web development to application development and cutting-edge game design.
  • At the heart of our operations, our digital agency excels in social media management, impactful communications campaigns and working with a multitude of digital tools. We are committed to creating compelling marketing content in order to build powerful and engaging online presences for our customers.
  • In the field of application development, we design versatile software solutions tailored to the varied needs of our customers, incorporating the latest innovations in artificial intelligence. Our game design studio is a creative space where we develop high-quality immersive games, reflecting our commitment to creative excellence.
  • We also provide specialized services in IT security and hardware installation, catering specifically to the needs of medical practices and other sectors. Furthermore, we offer consulting services in technology and artificial intelligence, helping companies to navigate and take advantage of the latest advances in these fields.
  • As a leader of this innovative company, my role is to guide our team through the challenges and opportunities of the digital age, always staying at the forefront of technology and digital marketing trends.


Kipwak Studio

06/2023 – Present

  • Video game subsidiary enabling my teams and myself to express our creativity.
  • Passion and innovation are our keywords.
  • I’m the project leader, in charge of managing the marketing, development and game design teams.
  • Self-published, our studio has already received numerous awards and support from the Swiss and international video game industry.

IT & Communications Manager


01/2020 – Present

  • IT asset management
  • Digital project management
  • Team management
  • Website, E-marketing, communication
  • Methodology
  • Data-Analysis

Marketing communications manager

Relais d’Or

06/2020 – 01/2024

  • Project and team management
  • Digital communication strategies
  • Developing your online presence
  • Online image control
  • E-marketing and impact analysis

Project lead developer


01/2023 – 09/2023

  • Lead developer
  • Project manager
  • Shaped the game design mechanics
  • Offer advices on how to bring the project to success

Project Manager & Developer Unity

12/2016 – 11/2022

  • Project manager : project driving (agile methods), daily follow up on the roadmap, team management…
  • Development: performance optimisation, physic engine, network system, UI, and much more
  • 3D modeling: 3D modeling from artwork, uv mapping, texturing, animation. (basic)
  • Game design: prototyping, dev of core loop gameplay etc…
  • Project management: Project management (agile method, etc.), daily monitoring of the roadmap, optimization of complementary skills within the project, etc.
  • Management: Weekly monitoring of team members, training of developers, monitoring of individual and group objectives, etc.
  • Development: Performance optimization, physics engine management, network system creation, UI, etc.
  • Modeling: 3D model creation, UV Mapping, Texturing, Animation.5
  • Game Design: Creation of prototypes, development of gameplay core loops, etc.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some extraordinary companies!

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some extraordinary companies!


  • Unity C# Developer
  • Project management
  • Team management
  • 3D modeling animation UI UX Design
  • Marketing & Communication
Continuous education

I try to be 1% better every day.

Contact book

I know how to surround myself with highly competent people with proven track records in a wide range of fields.


I make it a point of honour to always be on time and to assess the tasks entrusted to me as accurately as possible.




  • Online image mastery
  • Digital communication campaigns on all acquisition networks
  • Impact analysis, advice and strategy




  • Evaluation of existing methods, planning
  • Gradual integration of appropriate methodical tools: training and support
  • Detailed, comprehensive monitoring of the impact of the solutions implemented


& test


  • Game design
  • Acting as Senior Expert
  • Project finalization, publication
  • C# development
  • Prototyping
  • Testing & debugging


& analysis


  • Evaluation
  • Setting up tools
  • Work on follow-up and method
  • Analysis
  • Establishing strategies
  • Advice

recent work

Wizdom academy





Guillaume is there when we need him and always finds a solution to our problems. He is in charge of the development of our website and manages a team of external service providers. He's reliable and always smiling.

– Horace de Méhérenc de Saint Pierre
Director Citadelle SA

He threw himself enthusiastically into the project, successfully completing every assignment, I feel very lucky to have been able to work alongside him, and couldn't imagine anyone more accomplished!

– Charlotte Broccard
Creator of Têt, Switzerland

We built several projects together, and I know him as an highly skilled unity developer who can find solution very fast to any task ahead. He is also very organized, hard-working and most importantly, Guillaume is the guy who you can trust and enjoy working with.

– Igor Diachenko
Game designer, Russia

Working with Guillaume is a very rewarding experience. He's very proactive and communicates well. An impressive range of skills and a very good work ethic.

– Jerome Grondin
FX Artist Sound Engineer, Reunion

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